Full-stack developer and product manager, currently co-founder of the music education non-profit Music:Eyes. Previous experience at IBM, Gigster, and other tech startups. I mainly build web apps in Python / Javascript / HTML / CSS; I’m also fluent in Java, SQL, and AWS.


More than 7 years experience working with senior leadership at Fortune 500 clients in biopharma, retail/e-commerce, telecom, and other industries. Expertise in digital transformation, strategy, operations excellence, and organization design. I joined Boston Consulting Group in 2013, was promoted to an MBA-level role, and now do the same work as an independent.


Held cross-functional roles at Soroco, a B2B SaaS company using proprietary AI technology to automate manual business operations for Fortune 500 clients. As part of the core business development team, I managed VP and Director level relationships at key clients, and closed multi-year, multi- million dollar contracts. I also led teams of analysts, project managers, and engineers to design and deliver automation services that cut operating expenses, reduced manual errors, and improved scalability and accountability.


Worked in Tanzania from 2011-2013 running healthcare projects for Bienmoyo Foundation: focused on maternal and neonatal health, school health screenings, and Rheumatic Heart Disease prevention. Served the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation while working at Boston Consulting Group, and later supported Glycosyn Health Initiatives.


Aspiring filmmaker. Interested in painting and drawing, photography, and design.

After Game of Thrones Season 6, I created a “music video” with the aim of weaving some of the most memorable cinematographic moments from this gorgeous series into an articulation of what I liked most about the narrative.

As in much great literature or Greek tragedy, for many Game of Thrones characters, every choice and action is bound to one inescapable, defining flaw or personal catastrophe. Ned Stark’s honor, Lord Varys’s castration at the hands of a sorcerer, or Tyrion’s being “on trial” all his life simply because he was born a dwarf. This helplessness is their shared condition, and though they may be sworn enemies in mortal life, on a higher plane they are kindred spirits in that struggle against fate (or whatever other name it’s given).

Game of Thrones dramatizes so well how the inescapable must become vital. It shows the importance of metamorphosis — through the circumstances that break us and shape us for our destiny. Yet despite whatever changes we undergo, often there is some important aspect that must stay the same, that cannot be forgotten.

In college, I majored in neurobiology and minored in painting. I was fascinated by human behavior, identity, and memory, and created a video linking the neurobiological phenomenon of Phantom Limbs with footage and music from the globally celebrated and cherished video game Final Fantasy VII, which deals with the concepts of identity and memory as core themes.


I’ve played the violin since age six. Although there’s not as much time to learn new repertoire nowadays, I always enjoy playing chamber music or spending some time with old concertos and solo Bach.